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IMG_6480.JPGFor my self-portrait, I opted for a poem. Done in the style of a blackout poem, I chose the words “look with open eyes and ask a million questions.” I feel this poem represents my curiosity about the world around me and my enthusiasm to learn more about it. Instead of just blacking out the other words, I decided to use colors to make a design, which serves both to direct the flow of the poem and to represent my optimistic outlook on the world.


14 thoughts on “Self-Portrait

  1. Hey Em!

    Your poem was phenomenal! I loved how you took the idea of a blackout poem and adapted it in a way that was more personal and fitting to you. The poem itself perfectly represented both your open-mindedness and curiosity. I think that these characteristics of yours will be a wonderful addition to our discussions throughout the year.



  2. Hey Emily,
    You’re project was amazing! I would never have thought to do something like that, and I feel like the rest of the class also was intrigued and curious about your project. This in itself communicates how you’re an abstract thinker. I think you also are very creative and patient to take on a project like this. Great job!


  3. Hey Emily!
    I truly found your project to be extremely inventive! I loved how you were able to convey the idea, to keep an open mind, you wanted with only the use of the words you could find on a specific page. I also loved all the colors that you added for the reader to be able to follow from word to word throughout the poem. I feel that the colors were a perfect way to let the class in on your cheerful and optimistic personality!


  4. Hey, Emily!

    I loved your presentation today in class. It was one of a kind, and also showcased your personality and the way you approach artistic projects like this one. You put your twist on a “blackout poem,” but it just showed how hardworking you are and kind of the way that your mind works. I’ve gotten to witness multiple of your points of views on life, but I’m hoping there are still a few that we all will get to see in the future. Also, like Erin said in class, your presentation did not show how good of a debater you are, and I’m excited to see what you bring to your in-depth discussions in class. Again, great job!

    – Ngan


  5. Hey Emily,
    I absolutely loved how unique your project was. It seemed so simple yet it was actually very creative and interesting when you presented it. I liked how you took a “common” style of poetry and turned it into something that showed more of your personality by making it colorful. I was also shocked by your interest in blackholes because I would never guess that from knowing you and your passion and talents for theatre. You seem like a very versatile person who is curious and open about the world around you. I am excited to see where your thesis project goes and what ideas you bring to our discussions throughout our time together!


  6. Emily,
    I liked how you chose to do a form of poetry for this project. As a fellow bookworm/English nerd, I know exactly how revealing and personal this choice was for you. As Erin said, I appreciate how you chose to incorporate colors instead of a blackout to further represent your personality. And, even if it was unintentional, I cannot help but find an abundance of symbolism hidden in the book you chose. Great work!

    – Morgan


  7. Hey Emily!

    The colors that you used for your project within the book you used says more than you being a “colorful person”. I would take it further and say that your use of color inside of a book shows your theatric personality that strives for new and individual findings being brought into a more intellectual and more focused setting. This stirs a curiosity in me that believes you will bring a special lively hood to each class/discussion. Contrasting with your strong opinions, your witty persona will come through and help ease people in the right direction.



  8. Emily,

    Firstly, really nice job with the colorful black out poem. I’ve always been fascinated by them, but have never been able to pull one off. The fact that you used colors instead of black intrigues me. It very much so goes with your personality though. I hope you bring some of that color to our class.



  9. I want to say that I knew you would come up with something this creative and brilliant. I believe that your self-portrait speaks volumes about you as a person. I loved the connection of the colors to your optimistic outlook on life and the poem itself, which seemed to highlight some good advice for us as we approach our theses (ask a million questions). I am excited to see what you will accomplish with your diverse interests, creative mind, and sharp intellect. Nice work!



  10. Hey Emily!
    I loved your project because it was so creative and impressive! I never would have thought to do something like your poem. I think the decision you made to do the colorful black out poem shows a lot about you. You are super artistic and are always thinking in ways no one would. Great job!



  11. Em,

    I loved your creativity that was involved in making your Self-Portrait presentation. It was definitely not the first thing I would think of doing, but it fits your personality so well. I admire that you are such an amazing writer and your passion to read is truly inspiring. I feel that in discussions you will bring different perspectives that are creative and more outside of the box. Also, I can’t wait to see where your Honors Seminar/Thesis journey takes you, as your interests vary enormously.

    -Mary Brandon


  12. Hey Emily,
    I loved your project and had never heard of blackout poetry before until today. Later that night, I went on the Internet looking for more examples of blackout poetry and I was amazed and very thankful that you shared this with us. From you project and from what I know about you, I can infer that you are a very expressive and artistic person. I know that you love to write and that you are an excellent writer. You are also a great musician and singer. I feel that your project reflected these traits very well with the colored blackout instead of the black blackout.


  13. Emily,

    This was fascinating to me. I think blackout poetry is beautiful. You did an excellent job of crafting a poem that sets the stage for honors seminar and speaks about your character. The color schemes of the pages was a testament of your optimistic outlook on life. The phrase, “ask a million questions” that was included in your poem is the essence of honors seminar. Additionally, this was beyond creative and reflected your amazing capabilities in the arts. Awesome job!



    1. Hi Emily,
      Your presentation was extremely clever and well executed, especially since you mentioned that you had never even read the giver before. You are very analytical and good at working with only the information you have at hand. Your reading and comprehension skills will be a strong contribution to our community. However, at the same time, you also poses a keen artistic mind and ability and the rare talent of connecting these two differing fields with another as you showcased in your project. I can’t wait to work with you this year!


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