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Critical Thinking & Discussion vs. Debate

I was intrigued by both passages that we read over the weekend, particularly the one on critical thinking and its levels. Though the first reading on antagonism presented some ideas in a new way, most of these ideas were things I already knew. For example, I could have inferred that competition in the classroom can cause drawbacks and not allow students to reach their fullest potential. One question that the passage raises, however, is how do we find the balance between competitive learning and effective collaboration between classmates?

The reading on critical thinking is what I was most interested in, especially the aspect of categorizing the four levels of critical thinking. I never would have said that a ten month old baby could be a critical thinker, but the author states that they are already in the earliest stages of critical thinking.  How can critical thinking skills be integrated into early curriculum? Furthermore, how can we incorporate aspects of all four levels of critical thinking in classroom discussions?


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