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Where I’m From

I am from Blue Chair chocolate-chip waffles and hikes down Morgan’s Steep
       from Shenanigan’s diner and grilled cheese sandwiches
       from the echoes ringing back from the cavernous chapel ceilings
       from the mountains where I would hunt for Easter eggs
I am from the water tanks I searched for on the drive to a new home
       from the dandelions out of my next door neighbor’s yard
       from the top of the cathedral my five-year old neck had to crane to see
       from the purple backpack I hung up in my locker everyday
       from the dot on the floor I gave up when the New Orleans kindergarteners joined the class
I am from the annual rose parade and my second grade senior trojan
       from the reading treehouse in the corner of the classroom
       from my fifth grade production of “Alice in Wonderland”
       from the same pale faces around me everyday

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