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Implicit Bias

The test I took was designed to determine my bias in regard to the relationship between gender and career. My results were that I moderately relate male to family and female to career. I am in the minority with this bias, and while I don’t feel particularly defensive about it, I immediately noticed some flaws in the test. I was asked to use the same keys for male and family before I used male and career together, so I think it was partially the habit of pressing those keys that led to my result. This is not to say that the test was altogether wrong, because I do think that it was as good a method as any of measuring implicit bias and how it plays into our instinctual decisions.

I believe the biggest danger of bias is that, as humans, we are so determined to tell ourselves that we are different, that we view the world without bias. However, I have yet to meet anyone for which this is true. Bias is a part of being human, but we must acknowledge its presence before we can hope to move past it. If I had taken a few more tests, I’m sure I would have received results for at least one that I didn’t agree with, but knowing that I have these implicit biases makes it easier for me to see the truth in a situation that brings those biases into play.


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