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Knowing Project Prep II

For my Knowing Project, I settled on the topic of ballet training, and some of the unimaginable ends people go to in order to stay in shape, as well as some of the animosity that the competitive nature of the ballet industry creates amongst ballerinas. For my interview, I plan on either having Mrs. Chrest, the school dance teacher, reference me to someone who has gone through the training I want to write about, or interviewing Mrs. Chrest herself about her experience as a professional dancer and the training she went through to succeed. My questions will revolve around how she got into dance, what the training experience was like, and what she had to do once she had “made it” as a professional dancer. Obviously I could face the problem of my interviewee not having gone through a particularly difficult experience, but as I’ve never trained as a ballerina at all, any ballet training will be a foreign experience to me, and I’m curious about it nonetheless. I’m going to try my best to conduct my interview either this week or this weekend, so that I have ample time to review the content and edit the audio accordingly. I am very excited about the visual part of the project, so I also want to ensure that I have enough time to complete that portion to the best of my ability.


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