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Rabbit Hole 11/27/16

For this rabbit hole, I decided to do some more research into (shocker) BLACK HOLES!!!
As most of my friends could tell you in a heartbeat, I find black holes absolutely fascinating, which I think is caused by the amount of uncertainty surrounding them. There’s a certain potential for understanding that I am drawn to, and always want to learn more about.
We live in a three-dimensional universe, but black holes are two-dimensional figures, which is a complete and utter defiance of the laws of physics. Furthermore, a black hole is one of the only known places where a singularity can occur. A singularity is an infinitely small, yet infinitely massive point in time and space where all laws of physics are abandoned. These are theoretically found at the center of a black hole. Due to their infinite mass contained inside infinitely small space, they have the strongest pull of gravity of anywhere in the universe. Therefore, any matter racing towards it will adopt an orbit and speeds vastly exceeding the speed of light. These high speeds mean that actual arrival at the singularity can take quite a bit longer, giving the matter more time to collide with other matter. This speed of collision could theoretically create a massive explosion (not that we would know, as it is inside the black hole), similar to the “big bang” that many believe created our universe. This has led to the theory that our universe was created by a singularity in a black hole in a four dimensional universe.


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