Posted in Reflection

Rabbit Hole Conversations

The three people I discussed my rabbit holes with were my three closest family members: my mom, my dad, and my sister. As I talked about my two past rabbit holes (adrenaline responses and black holes), it was clear which I was more passionate about. Black holes seize my attention like few other scientific topics, purely because of the uncertainty surrounding their exact nature. As I began ranting to my two parents about this , they did their best to understand, and occasionally asked me questions. Some of these I was able to answer, while others I’m not certain any scientist in the world could answer (ex. What’s past the event horizon of a black hole?). My sister, on the other hand, isn’t much one for science, and didn’t have an issue with telling me I sounded a bit like a raving lunatic while I was rambling about outer space. Still, she couldn’t help but admit it was an interesting topic, while still furthering my want for answers with questions that no answers exist to today.


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