Posted in Dear Mrs Sutcliffe

Letter 1/5/17

Dear Mrs. Sutcliffe,

I hope you and your whole family had as restful and relaxed a break as I did! Congrats again on the newest addition to your family (and an absolutely fantastic choice of name)! Like I said, I had a pretty laid-back break, but I certainly didn’t want anything else after the jam-packed semester we just had. I took you and Mr. Engholm’s suggestions to heart and did some casual rabbit-holing over the break, mostly stemming from music, as I was in the process of working on an audition song for most of the time. The two main things were the circle of fifths, which is a visual representation of the relationship between major and minor keys, and the biological effect of music on the body. I found both extremely interesting and was having a wonderful time learning more about them! Hope you’re doing well!



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