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Mrs. Love Discussion

I found Mrs. Love’s talk today very interesting, particularly the deviation from the “I worked hard and achieved everything I dreamed” trope that we seem to hear a lot from speakers at this stage of high school. We just recently discussed the possibility of some of us dropping Honors Seminar later in the process, and not necessarily because we can’t handle it, but rather because it may not be the best fit for some of us. Just the fact that we all got into the program shows that we are all capable students, but it takes a different toll on all of us, and for some it may not align with their other goals. The fact that Mrs. Love went through this same experience while pursuing her PhD made her story relatable and may even serve as a comfort if one or more of us do end up dropping the class later.

Another aspect of Mrs. Love’s discussion that I liked was her perspective on her years of high school. In high school, especially at a college prep school, we often feel like high school is just the “before” of our life; the buildup to college, which then leads us to a job. I liked that she described high school as one of the high points of her life, and said that she still talks to some of her high school friends. It seemed comforting because, as we seem to feel like high school is just a step in the path of life, the people here seem to feel temporary, almost like my time with them has an expiration date. Hearing that Mrs. Love is able to maintain those connections while still living far from some of her friends really made me happy to hear.


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