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Mrs. Whitehead Discussion

To be completely honest, when I first heard Ms. Whitehead discussing her job and her role in the community of librarians, I found myself a bit dumbfounded at how she enjoyed herself as much as she described. I’ve always loved books and reading, but when she got so animated over a matter as simple as the Dewey decimal system, I couldn’t help but find myself wondering why. The answer, I realized, is so clear that it had been hiding from me in plain sight. Mrs. Whitehead’s passion is books and being a librarian. The reason I was unable to relate to her excitement over such matters is because our passions lie in different areas. As for the research part of our discussion. I am very excited to start the research process, especially with such wonderful resources and people available to help us. Going back to what I said about passion and how passionate Ms. Whitehead is about libraries, I hope that the thesis process will help be to come in closer touch with my own passions. The opportunity to learn about something that I choose intimidates me a bit, but for good reasons. I feel like there are so many topics that I could research and be passionate about, so choosing only one will definitely be difficult. However, this also makes my life a bit easier, as opposed to having zero potential topics. I’m glad that I now know about some of the incredible resources we have, as well as having learned that we have a library celebrity with us on campus.


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