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Dr. Stroope Discussion

I think of all the talks we’ve heard, Dr. Stroope’s was probably my favorite. While I understand that the research methods are the majority of the reason we are hearing these speakers, the fact that he explained a situation in which he used his method helped to put everything in context for me. The content of the project he was describing was also extremely interesting to me. I’ve always been fascinated with correlations like that, and to be walked through how sociologists determine those correlations was really cool. The idea that religion can have such a significant effect on a person’s health, as well as their religion depending on where they live, is absolutely fascinating, and I really appreciate that Dr. Stroope took the time to take us through how a discovery like that could be made. The fact that the study he showed us was also the first to ever describe such a tendency got me excited about the possibilities of research and what sort of things I might find while researching for my thesis. I’m definitely not expecting to find anything that no other person has never thought of, but the idea of adding to a global conversation that I am passionate about sounds absolutely fantastic.


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