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Letter 1/13/17

Dear Mrs. Sutcliffe,

Sorry this letter is so late! Over the weekend I was on staff for a retreat at my camp called Happening, and I didn’t have any internet access or my phone, or even a watch for that matter. I got there Thursday afternoon, and I didn’t even think of writing this until after I had no way to.

Anyway, in terms of the different discussions we heard last week, I thought each of them were valuable in terms of our upcoming research process. Ms. Whitehead’s discussion I found intriguing, mostly because I didn’t know of all the goings-on in the library community, nor that we had a celebrity librarian on campus. Her talk about her keynote presentations and how she got to travel were so interesting, and made her research sound like so much fun. Furthermore, all of the resources that we have in the library will, I’m sure, come in handy during the research process, and I feel comforted we have such an expert to help guide us to the best resources available to us.

Although Mrs. Love’s discussion was less about research, I still found it valuable to hear. The fact that she described high school as one of the most meaningful times of her life made me really happy for some reason. Probably because I feel like I’ve had such a wonderful high school experience, so I’m glad that when I’m older I’ll be able to look back fondly on this time and all of the memories I have.

Finally, Dr. Stroope’s discussion kept me engaged the entire time. Seeing the final product of a long research process was so engrossing, and it got me excited to see the outcome of whatever path I choose for my research. The actual information he presented to us was also interesting, and it just furthered my curiosity as to what I might be able to turn up in my research. Hope you’re doing well, and I can’t wait to see you again!



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