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Dr. Buckner Discussion

As someone who is extremely interested in biology, I was enthralled by Dr. Buckner’s discussion today. It was intriguing to learn about the inner workings of a real lab, from writing grants to publishing papers to working with HeLa cells. For me, it’s always seemed like the life of a scientist was most likely to go pretty much unfulfilled, since there were so few “big” discoveries. After hearing Dr. Buckner’s talk today, I realize that there’s quite a bit more to it than that. Her work is tackling an important issue and even if she doesn’t find a cure to chlamydia, she will have contributed something to the field, that will help future scientists for years to come. The actual content of her presentation also intrigued me, especially since Elliott, Angelina, and I all did a project on STDs (STIs?) last semester. It was satisfying to hear her mention something that I already knew a bit about, like the unusually high STI rate in Louisiana, and Baton Rouge especially. Her story about how she was so certain she didn’t want to go into immunology was a source of comfort to me as well. I may have a pretty good idea of what I may want to do a thesis on, but I have to learn that it is okay for that path to change with time. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and I’m as excited as ever for our upcoming thesis process!


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