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Curiosity Workshop

The only truly common trend I see with my interests is that none of the questions I’ve been asking have any chance of having much of a concrete answer. As a person and as a student, I’ve learned to embrace ambiguity as a possibility rather than a lack of information. My topics reflect that, as well as several of my previous projects.

One topic I know that I’m impassioned by is music. I’ve always felt drawn to it, and I even just found out this week (thanks to the Highland Ability Battery) that I’m what’s called “naturally musical,” which basically means that for me to be happy, music must be somehow incorporated into my life. Specifically within this field, something I think I might like to study is hormonal responses to different chord progressions, as well as biological responses to a major key versus a minor key, etcetera. We may know that the song “Here Comes the Sun” makes most people happy, but I’m curious to know why that happens, whether the answer be social upbringing or biological responses.

Another topic that intrigues me is (big shocker here) black holes and theoretical astronomical physics in general. The things that I generally enjoy learning about the most,  funnily enough, are the things about which I can never learn enough. There will probably never, in my lifetime, be a way to surely know what happens in a black hole, but that’s part of the reason that I love learning about them so much. It brings together creativity and analysis, because you must apply the basic laws of the universe to attempt to figure out what happens inside a black hole, but it also takes a certain amount of imagination to theorize what might happen.

Finally, I know that I’m interested in color psychology and its practical uses for therapeutic reasons. Similarly to the music topic, I’m interested to know why our bodies subconsciously react to color the way that the do. Were we raised to think that way, or do our minds inherently connect certain colors to certain things?


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