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Rabbit Hole 1/23/17

For my rabbit hole this week, I looked into the hormonal effect that music has on the body. While I already knew, and also found while rabbit hole-ing, that studies have been done on different genres and their effect, I would like to go a little bit more in depth with this as a potential thesis. It is proven that heavy metal or rock music increases heart rate and blood pressure, and that pop and classical lower them. However, if I were to research this, I would like to look more at chord progressions and the more technical aspects of music to see why our bodies classify them into certain categories. We can be exposed to a song we’ve never heard before, and the majority of people would probably say that a song was creepy, or that another one was happy. I’m curious as to whether we have instinctive sound analysis that immediately categorizes sound, and therefore, music, or whether the way we were raised is what trained us to hear music in such a way. Furthermore, if the first proves to be true, I want to see if there are instances in nature that we evolved to analyze in this way as a survival skill, like if we think certain music is scary because we evolved that way. I would look specifically at common chord progressions in the different music types and key signatures to see if there is a common thread between many pieces in a certain type.


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