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Letter 1/27/17

Dear Mrs. Sutcliffe,

Sorry this one’s late, but I was at Thespian Convention over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to write. This week we heard presentations from everyone in our half of the class about potential thesis topics, all of which I found rather eye-opening. I expected a lot of people to have similar topics, but everyone’s was very unique and really seemed to spark their passions. I feel the same way about the topic I presented, and I hope that I articulated it well enough for everyone else to get a general gist of what I was going for. Some of the ones I found most interesting in my class were Chloe’s and Graham’s. Chloe had a few different possible areas of interest, one of which was the differences between religions and cults. She seems excited about the  idea, and as she explained it, I understood why. One of her driving questions on the matter was: Why are some “religions” accepted by societies and others are condemned as voodoo? It’s an interesting path to take, and one that will inevitably lead her to some strange discoveries about the different cults in the world. Graham’s interest was about penny stocks and their impact on the microeconomy. Although I’ve never been one for economics myself, he seemed to light up while he was talking about these penny stocks and how people have used them to become millionaires overnight. His enthusiasm drew me in and I knew that if he was this passionate about something many people might find boring or confusing, it would make a great topic for him to pursue as a thesis. I hope that all of us manage to find a focal point that we are as enthusiastic about and can follow a path that will lead us to new and exciting discoveries!



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