Posted in Dear Mrs Sutcliffe

Letter 1/30/17

Dear Mrs. Sutcliffe,

Sorry about how late this is, it just completely slipped my mind to write this on Friday. I did my topic trial last week and I’ve been doing mentor conversations for the past couple of weeks as well. I’ve managed to narrow my topic down a bit more, so I’ve decided to focus more on the psychological effects of music, as opposed to the biological effects. My hope is to conduct a study of my own at some point in my research project, which will then help me to develop my final product: a blueprint for a type of therapy in which musical compositions can be written in order to contest specific issues. Once I do my research on how key signature and chord progression and the like effect people psychologically, I will (hopefully) be able to write a piece of music using all of this information to combat certain types of mental issues. Most of the mentors I’ve spoken with have liked the idea, and I’m confident that there are several possible advisors who could be very beneficial to have helping me with my paper. Hope you’re doing well!



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