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Mentor Conversations Round 2

For my second round of mentor conversations, I spoke with Mr. Taranto and my dad, Fr. Skully. Mr. T seemed genuinely interested in the idea of music psychology, and was wholeheartedly supportive of my research plan. He even suggested that as a part of my final goal, which is to develop a therapy based on my research, I come up with some sort of logarithm to come up with compositions based on the needs of a therapy patient. I thought it was an interesting idea, but I’m not the most tech-savvy person, so I might look into that further depending on whether or not it seems like a reasonable path a little further into my research process. My second conversation was with my dad, mostly just to get an opinion from someone who has been a mentor before to see how he felt about it. He found the actual content interesting, cautioning me only that it seemed similar to some past theses based around arts and education. However, I do feel confident that what I’m proposing is a unique idea, and though it may share some elements with some theses from the past couple of years, is different enough to present plenty of new research area.


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