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The Craft of Research Response I

As I begin this book, I’m finding myself fascinated by the authors’ voices and abilities to connect with their audience. The two most interesting points they made in the first two chapters were those about what exactly research is and the one about how to best connect with one’s intended audience. While I’ve known for a long time that research meant looking into something and learning more about it, I never thought of it the way that the authors put it in their first chapter. I never thought about the fact that I was doing research when I looked up an actor to figure out what I’d seen them in before. Research is a part of my everyday life, and when I think about it that way, the oncoming task of writing a thesis doesn’t seem quite as daunting. This approach to defining research is part of the authors’ style of the next point: relating to the audience. Though I consider myself a fairly proficient writer, I’ve never been all that great at connecting to my audience. I always feel like my work sounds jumbled and detached tone-wise. This might be just because reading my own writing sounds strange, but I’d like to work on it to a point where even I feel like it adequately connects to the intended reader. I learned from this reading that the key point to connecting with an audience is understanding who exactly I’m writing to. I’ve always just sort of spoken into the void when it comes to writing academically, so I think that considering my audience first will help me to write more fluidly.


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