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Proposal Outline

Thesis Proposal

  • Humanity and the Concept of Infinity
  • TQS: I am studying the ways in which humanity has coped with the concept of infinity because I want to find out how this idea has ingrained itself into our lives and culture in order to better understand how we comprehend such impossibly large topics.
    • Three main categories
      • Physical: literal tangible aspects of the world around us that (according to some) extend forever
        • Expanse of universe
        • Multiverse theory
      • Metaphysical: intangible concepts that many believe are either infinite in possibility or are a theoretical field in and of themselves that are believed to be infinite
        • Infinity of human thought
          • the concept of a “soul”
        • Religion
      • Mathematical: numerical interpretation of infinity and its implication such as the infinite train of numbers both in the form of whole numbers and real numbers
        • Cantor’s table
        • Countable vs uncountable infinities

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