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Advisor Thinking

Again, since I changed my topic a bit later than everyone else did, I wasn’t in a place where I could submit this at the same time as everyone else because I was still trying to decide what my topic should be. For my new topic, I was originally leaning towards Dr. Kuhn, as I’m trying to take a more philosophical approach with this, but she already has two advisees. At this point where I’m working out exactly which direction I want to take my topic, I don’t really have any solidified ideas for my advisor. I don’t necessarily want to go to a math/science teacher because I believe that my thesis will be more humanities-based, but as I also want to maintain a scientific side to my research, I don’t know if I should go to a humanities teacher or not. Two of the people that have been suggested to me are Mr. VanKirk and Dr. D, and Coach Anderson also mentioned that I might want to choose an advisor to help with the actual composition of my thesis as opposed to the content, which would take me to the English department.

As I’m taking a somewhat theological approach with this, any other student might go to my dad for their advisor, but I’m definitely not going to have him advise my thesis and if I have him around all the time I don’t really see the need for another theology-based teacher for my advisor. I think I need to nail down my topic before I choose a definite advisor for my research.


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