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Mentor Conversations Round 1

Since I chose a new topic, I had to restart my mentor conversations over with a new focus in mind. With my idea of studying infinity and its everyday implications, my first thoughts were Coach Anderson and Dr. Kuhn. When I went to talk to Coach Anderson, we had a really good conversation about the mathematical aspects of infinity. He specifically told me about the proof for infinitely small numbers, which is called Cantor’s table. The idea is that if you have a physical table and take away the middle third over and over and over again, you will never have nothing. He also recommended a movie to me about theoretical math, as well as a friend of his who teaches at LSU and is a significant name in the world of theoretical mathematics. Though I think I am steering away from the mathematical realm of infinity, it was an enlightening conversation and he recommended several other teachers for me to speak to.

On the other hand, Dr. Kuhn and I spoke mostly about the humanities side of my thesis. She found the idea of studying infinite concepts in different cultures fascinating, and gave me several new ideas about how I could approach my research. After I gave her the black hole rant she said that since that’s what started this research path, she feels like I should maintain that aspect of my thesis somehow. I can’t help but agree, but I’m still struggling with the issue of how to narrow my topic down without sacrificing something I’m passionate about researching.


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