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Craft of Research Response V

One thing that stuck out to me about this reading was the part about note-taking and such while reading sources. I must admit, I’ve never been the best at taking notes because I get frustrated with how much it slows down my reading, and prefer to internalize the information as I go. Thus far, my method hasn’t failed me, but I’ve also never approached a research project of this caliber before. I know that going forward I will need to push my research skills and take measures that I’m not used to in order to produce the best result possible.

I also found the part in section 6.6.3 interesting about summarization and how to do it properly. Of course, I know that when summarizing or paraphrasing from a source, I still need to cite it, but I don’t know that I had ever taken the context into as much account as the book suggests. Furthermore, seeing how all of my sources relate to each other will be interesting and possibly quite challenging, as my topic covers a broad scope of things. However, I think that drawing these connections is in and of itself the basis of my thesis.


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