Posted in Vault Time

Vault Week 1

So far, I’m having a very productive vault time! I already have three great sources on the science of noetics and the idea of a “mental universe,” which I think plays into my topic in the sense that we have not only manifested this idea of infinity, but created it as well. Noetics also works with the idea of a soul, defining it as the spectrum of the universe’s energy field with which a certain individual relates in their lifetime. This can tie in not only with this concept of mental infinity, but with the religious aspect of infinity and how the concept of a “soul” has played into so many human conceptions of infinity and how it applies to us as individuals.

These sources deal not only with mental and emotional infinity, but with physical infinities as well, because this idea of a mental universe is closely tied with quantum physics and the research of Albert Einstein and many other notable scientists. I hope to find maybe one more source on this before I move on to another portion of my topic, but thus far I am making wonderful progress and finding some very interesting information on my topic!


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