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Launch 2.0?

To be completely honest, I’ve been looking forward to Launch since my freshman year, dreaming about standing up and giving a presentation, on a topic that meant a lot to me, in front of the entire high school. That dream lives on even after talking about reaching to new heights, and I very much hope that we will stick to the general layout of Launch, even if it is “new and improved.” I personally loved the idea of the Launch Gala in addition to the actual day, to give us an idea of what a professional presentation of information might look like to alumni and community members, as opposed to a presentation to our peers only.

The concept of including other high schools also intrigues me, which would allow us to expand the reaches of our research past their normal bounds, whether that be through inviting other schools here to see our presentations or traveling to other schools. In general, I feel like supplementary presentations would be the best option for showcasing our research as opposed to completely redesigning the process.

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Craft of Research

This portion of¬†Craft of Research¬†emphasized the importance of maintaining specificity while crafting an argument, which clearly ties into the importance of the research itself. I know I still have plenty of research to do, but I’m confident that there is no lack of information for me to find in the direction I’m heading. Organizing all of my thoughts into a gingko tree was as helpful as anything I’ve done thus far in terms of grounding me and pointing me in the right direction for what to research next. I can see my thesis starting to take shape, and as I explore what I already have, more and more possibilities for expansion keep coming to mind.

I already have an idea for one of my paper’s major claims, which came to mind as I started making connections in my research. I’ve also found many new sources that I have yet to annotate that can hopefully lead me to more of these connections so that I can start forming the major claims of my paper and organizing my sources to find the best evidence to support them.