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Vault Week 2

Sorry this is a week late, but last week was dedicated mostly to solidifying my topic into something I felt comfortable with and something that accurately reflects my interests. The topic I ended up landing on was a study of how existentialist ideals appear in visual and performing arts and how manifesting those ideas in art affects the human mind’s conception of them. I rewrote my entire thesis proposal (again), and found some new sources to better direct me in this new direction.

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The Craft of Research Response III

It’s not unusual for me to read something and wonder how an author knew exactly what I was thinking, but it seems to catch me off guard every time it happens. The concerns that the authors addressed in the last two pages of this reading are some of the concerns I’ve been struggling with since starting thesis. I always knew that the end game was this massive paper I would have to write, always looming in the distance. Though I do love to learn new things, I have to remind myself that it is alright not to have the answer to everything just yet. My inexperience with research of this caliber will no doubt cause me some stress, but I know that there’s no way to get better than to just get my hands dirty and put in the work. The other point they made that struck particularly close to home was that I shouldn’t try to tackle it all at one time. Inherently, I’m someone who likes to work at something very hard for a relatively short time and start seeing results. Though this sometimes works out, I’m going to have to overcome those expectations for the upcoming process of research. Nevertheless, I am beyond thrilled to see what the next year has in store for me in terms of research.